You are given an array prices where prices[i] is the price of a given stock on the ith day.

Find the maximum profit you can achieve. You may complete as many transactions as you like (i.e., buy one and sell one share of the stock multiple times).

Note: You may not engage in multiple transactions simultaneously (i.e., you must sell the stock before you buy again).

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

For us to solve this problem I came up with a strategy, first we set a variable to hold our final profit, then we iterate through the prices array starting at index 1. After we subtract our index -1 from our index meaning since we start at index 1 we want to see the value of the element at index 0 minus the element at index 1, and if the value is greater than 0 meaning we gain a profit then we add that profit to our maximum, if not we continue, and the. we return our maximum.

Here is the working code to solve this problem.